Thursday, 13 December 2012

Target Audience

The audience that would be my target for my horror trailer are teenagers and young adults between 15-30. This is because I believe that they are more likely to go and see a horror movie rather than the older generation. My age rating is 15 which widens the target for teenagers as they would go and see a horror movie with a group of friends.

Reflection of my blog so far

I have ganied feedback from viewers of my blog so far and asked them to give me feedback on what is good and what I can improve on. Many of my improvements are mainly revolved around the little posts I have on my blog which means I need to be more frequent in the future. I also use large spread entries which some people believe I could seperate into smaller entries for simplicity. They also state that I could use a wider range of entry styles such as "prezzi". Overall my blogs have a lot of detail and my picture quality is high, I just need to take in the feedback and perhaps use this to make my blog more appealing.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

 I have used social networking websites to help gain publicity by posting the link to my Media Studies blog on "Twitter" which will encourage people to follow it and view the work I have done so far.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012




We have now began to upload our bedroom scene shots so that we can put them together and start creating our horror trailer. On friday we will be shooting more scenes and we are planning a date of when we will begin the scenes at the beach location where the church is and the opening scenes.

This is the church where the girl (Lilly) and her sister (rachel) will discover the doll. I believe it fits well with horror conventions because it is old and stands out from the rest of the buildings. It creates almost a shadow over the village and by taking low angle shots of the church it will make it look overwhelming and powerful.



We began filming the bedroom scenes and also some of the possession scenes which are all shot in the same location. This makes it easier as we can get all of those scenes out of the way before we move on to our next location and shots.

  These are pictures of the bedroom and our Possessed doll. I believe that this doll is suitable because it has an antique feel to it and she has pale skin and red hair which makes her look "innocent" to the audience. We accidently dropped the doll and her leg cracked however we thought this helped us because it gave her a more antique appearence! The bedroom amphasises the girls age and how innocent and childish she is which I believe is effective because the audience will not expect it to hold an evil presence.

Analysing Horror Posters

Analysing Horror PostersENLARGE TO VIEW FULL SLIDE.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Six Week Plan

Six Week Plan
Week 1:
  • Finalise filming locations, angles, shot plans.
  • Organise props and costumes that we will need for filming.
  • Finalise that planning is complete (trailer analysis, research)
Week 2:
  • Begin filming (7 hours per week)
  • Organise which shots to do, easy to start.
  • Organise what shot types we will use.

Week 3:
  • Continue filming (7 hours per week)
  • Start to consider which shots we can begin editing.
Week 4:
  • Continue with filming (5-6 hours per week) (start to focus on editing)
  • Make sure that we are on target ( we should be roughly half way through filming and editing within this time)
Week 5:
  • Continue filming the remaining scenes ( 5-6 hours per week)
  • Look through editing to make sure that we are all happy with the shot incase anything needs to be changed or re-shot.
Week 6:
  • Focus on editing, making sure that every shot is of high standard.
  • Finalises the edititing and any few remaining shots.
  • Start preparing for post-production.

Ideas for horror trailer

Thursday, 18 October 2012

A2 horror trailer project - our main character

For our main actress we decided to use the young girl shown above who will be possessed by a demon. We think this is effective because she is small and vulnerable and her blue eyes and blonde hair has connotations of purity and innocence.
"Orphan" (2009) also uses a small child as the main character however they break conventions as she is not the victim but the murderer. She has ribbon in her hair and around her neck which has conventions of innocence and child-like which makes the audience assume she is "innocent".
In more modern horror films now, they are beginning to use little girls more often in their movies as it has more of an effect on the audience because they do not suspect a "little girl in white" to have any conventions of evil. In the film "the possession" (2012) The little girl is also the main character as she is possessed by a demon. We decided to base our costume designs and ideas from this as she wears white dresses, flowers and ribbons which emphasises her age and innocence.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


1. Which brief are you pursuing?

The brief that we are pursuing is a horror trailer because it is challenging and there are many techniques that you can learn by doing this genre of a trailer.

2. Identify if this is an individual or group project.

It will be a group project and everyone will have their own role to play so that everyone has contributed to the project

3. List roles and responsibilities if you are working in a group?

There are three people in our group, I will be doing the post-production and editing, Shannon will be filming the trailer and rachel will be doing the mise-en-scene such as locations and costumes aswell as performing in the trailer.

4. Write a brief summary of your CONCEPT for the main task.

The plot of the trailer is about a young girl who is possessed by a demon through a doll she has found in a carboot sale which did not belong to anybody. The doll then bigins to talk to the girl and takes control over her body whilst her mother and sister are trying to save her.

5. List any ideas for LOCATIONS. (Mise en scene)

We have concluded many locations for our trailer such as:

  • Field (for the carboot sale to be placed)

  • little girls room

  • kitchen

  • library

  •  narrow street

We have used these locations because we want it to take place inside a home where you would think you would be safe  however the demon lives there

6. List any ideas for COSTUME and PROPS (Mise en scene)

  • Doll (maybe a china or porcelain doll)

For the girl we have decided to oufit her in:

  • White party dress (purity and innocence)

  • frilly socks

  • ribbons

7. Outline your ideas for each ancilliary task:

For my horror poster I intend to use the young girl as the main image in long shot sitting down with the doll, she will be wearing a white gown and only the slightest shine of light will show her as the rest of the poster will be black so all you can see is her.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Horror Trailer Analysis

When The Lights Went Out

The trailer begins with a family driving along the countryside in their car, there is a light piano playing in the background which does not suggest that this is a horror film as the mother and father are making jokes of their stroppy teenage daughter, typical conventions of a normal modern day family who are moving house. The text "based on a true story" also does not give away that it is a horror as the text is in gold and fades softly showing no conventions of a horror. However when the scene changes to the darker surroundings of the woods and the girl says  "I've been in there" "its right mysterious" the music changes to a more eerie and deeper tone suggesting that something is not right and gives the viewers a hint of what genre the movie will be now. The contrast with the bright and happy scene at the start to the darker scenes within the house suggest that there is danger revolved around the house.

The scene of the father in a dark room connotes unknown danger as we hear non-diagetic sounds of banging and scraping suggesting that something else is there in the room with him, his face is shadowed suggesting mystery and eeriness within the room, the non-diagetic voice over of him saying "shes played tricks before" suggests that he believes it is his daughter but in the scene she is not there and he has realized that it something else.

When sally looks through the key hole and asks "why are you crying?" you can hear the non-diagetic sounds of weeping coming from the dark room her father was in. This suggests to the audience that the "thing" inhabiting the house could be a child and also the reflection in the car window of sally is not of her but another child who appears to be dead which could also denote that there are two sides to sally now.

The repeated verse of "the majestic Christ commands you" increased in volume as the scenes become more violent responding to him, building up to a climax of the trailer which will also put the audience on edge as they know something is going to happen when he stops repeating the verse. The last scene cuts to sally, talking to an empty staircase suggesting there is something there and connotes a sense of supernatural, as she tries to run towards the door the music comes back and builds up the more sally is dragged up the stairs by nothing and into a closed room connoting isolation and making the audience want to see the movie to see what happened to sally behind the door.

  • -When the lights went out trailer.

Horror Trailer Analysis

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

The trailer begins with light music beat from a key board playing over a non-diagetic voice of a man saying " I don't care about my reputation, all I care about is telling Emily Roses story" when this is played over a washout effect of showing Emily Rose which suggests to the audience that it is in the past and something may have happened to her. When the text "based on a true story" fades in it will draw the audience in as they will want to know her story more because it really happened. The shot of the playing recorder suggests that it is playing the voice-over of the eerie voice giving connotations of danger. The overlaying text "Her exorcism was recorded and that audio tape recording played a crucial part in the events that followed" denoting that this audio tape was the original version, making the audience on edge as it ends with a "alienated" sound that suggests something not human.

The washouts suggest that they are talking about the past and it shows events what has already occurred such as the sheets being pulled from the bed and the breaking of the bed and then it fades back into the present of the people talking about her. When the detective asks the doctor why he could not help father More he replies "because there are no injections against the devil which is then overplayed on a shot of a church and a cross, suggesting that there is a religious theme flowing throughout the movie.

When the low beat of a drum is played over Emily who is lying on the floor in a disfigured shape the breathing of the boy is overwhelming suggesting fear and making the audience on edge, expecting something to happen as everything is quiet apart from his heavy breathing. When the music returns sharply the girl opens her mouth with a strange noise, suggesting that something has taken over her and gives the audience a shock.

The scene washed out to the text "witness the disturbing story" over a non-diagetic choir giving connotations of religion as well as the man saying "demons exist whether you believe in them or not" suggesting that this story is supernatural and not of this world. The text overlay is split into three sections of a clip "Witness the disturbing story" "that will make you question" "all of your beliefs" this creates tension within the trailer and draws the audience in, a screeching noise is then played over the fast paced clips suggesting that it is building up to something and is then cut as the man says "it has begun" suggesting that there is something evil and not of this world which has occurred. The choir then returns which contrast with the scenes of lightening, thunder and rain which suggests that something is not right and doesn't belong, a heart beat is then played over each shot as they cut creating tension and a build up of emotions, suggesting fear of the unknown, for the "glory of god" making the audience want to see the movie because it is abnormal and "true".

-The Exorcism of Emily Rose Trailer.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Three Horror Trailer Analyses


The Possession begins with a typical family scene of a father picking up his two daughters while the music being played is a soft piano, making it difficult to know at first what the genre of the movie will be. For example, when the father and daughter are using shadow puppets and laughing which will make the audience believe that there is nothing wrong.

However, when the girl goes towards the box the music changes to that of a more deeper sound contrasting with the lighter piano sounds previously, giving connotations that there is something wrong with the box as the music becomes more tense. There is a non-diagetic voice over of her father saying "I think whoever made this didn't want anybody to open it" while she is trying to open the box which gives connotations of danger. When she opens the box the music disappears and the non-diagetic sounds of thunder and wind are quietly played, making the scene more tense and makes the audience on edge as they want to know what is inside the box. There is a long shot of the girl sitting upright in the bed with the box, everything else around her is black giving connotations of the unknown and the girl is a wearing a white gown, symbolizing her innocence. After she has opened the box there is a non-diagetic sound of whispers and noises, connoting that the box is eerie and dangerous.

By using the text "based on a true story" it will draw the audience in as they believe that the events are true and will want to go see the movie. Also, it makes the movie more scary as it is based on true events. As the pace of the shots begin to quicken so does the non-diagetic sound of the girl stabbing her fork on her plate, suggesting that something is going to happen which is when she then stabs the fork into her fathers hand and the music then increases in loudness as well as the thunder. The non-diagetic music of a choir singing suggests that there is religious theme to the movie.

The last scene of the trailer there is a non-diagetic voice of her mother saying "I saw something in her" while the girl is looking down her throat. There is a silent pause creating suspense until you see the fingers and the music returns to give the audience a shock

-The Possession Trailer

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

extended media project - conventions of a horror

 We decided to create a short horror movie trailer to show what key aspects and conventions we learned which would be suitable for a horror genre. We used camera angles such as high and low to show connotations of the group feeling inferior and weak and also used edits such as fades and cuts to make it more tence. This was our first attempt at creating a horror trailer and I believe we have a lot of room for improvement such as a variety of shots, acting and more quality footage but overall I was please with our first attempt.

Friday, 4 May 2012

In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions or real media products

Check this out on Chirbit please click on the link "check this out on chirbit"

EVALUATION: Who would be the audience for your media product? EVALUATION: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Who would be the audience for your media product?

My magazine would attract audiences who have an interest in Country music. The age range would be from 18-40 and most typically aimed at older women because this genre of music would most likely have been more popular in their generation. An audience who would not be interested in my magazine are people who would be interested in rock music. I imagine the social class of my audience to be of middle or upper class as I believe they would not be interested in hip hip or RnB genres but more interested in timeless, and more gentle music.

My audience would be a niche audience therefore the the audience would be narrow casted unlike other genres of magazine which would have a more broader casting. However, a niche audience are more likely to be dedicated fans who will buy my magazine weekly therefor the price of my magazine could increase and they would still buy it.

I believe that my product is origianl as most other people chosen to stick to a more safer genre that is popular in society today. I wanted to bring something different and bring it back into the audiences eye.

My magazine is more focused for middle-class and upper-class societies. This is because I believe that these social classes would be more interested in classical and relaxing music such as country, and not genres such as rock or RnB which are in the charts that I believe the working class are more interested in today. However, there are some cases in which working class could also enjoy country music and not follow the more popular choice as country music can also be relaxing but also exciting and energetic.

EVALUATION: what kind of media instituion might distribute your media product and why?

I believe that the media institution “Proper Distribution” would distribute my magazine. This is because “Proper Distribution” is dedicated to produce a variety of magazine genres including country magazines worldwide and is the most well-known company to distribute this genre of magazine. It is the largest independent distributor in the UK; Proper Music Distribution provides distribution services to over 400 labels from around the world supplying UK retailers and export accounts. This would benefit my magazine because it will be able to distribute it not only in the UK, but internationally.

EVALUATION: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Monday, 30 April 2012

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Front Cover Development

Style Model

For my magazine I have used "people country special" and "time" as a style model for my coutnry music magazine. I have chosen these two magazine because the colours and contrasts are similar such as the orange, red and yellow which are all warm and nature-like colours. I like how both models take up the entire front cover to stand out among everything and the font is large and bold, drawing the readers attention to them. These are two samples of both front covers that I will use to inspire my magazine.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Music Questionaire

I have created this music questionnaire to retrieve an overall summary of information that the audiences' view on music to help me towards my music magazine.


1) Are you male or female?

  • male [ ]  
  • female [ ]

2) What kind of music genre do you like?

  • Rock [ ] 
  •  RnB [ ] 
  •  Classical [ ] 
  •  Dance  [ ]  
  • Indie [ ] 
  • Reggae [ ]

If other please state .................................................................................

3) How often do you listen to music in a day?

  • Frequently [ ]
  • Most of the time [ ]
  • Little [ ]
  • Never [ ]

4) Do you prefer to download an album or buy in shops?
  • Download [ ]
  • Buy in shops [ ]
  • Both [ ]
  • Neither [ ]

5) Do you feel it is right for people to use file sharing software and download music for free?
  • Yes [ ]
  • No [ ]

6) Do you prefer a music video to have a storyline?
  • Yes [ ]
  • No [ ]
  • Don't care [ ]

7) Do you prefer female artists or male artists?
  • Male [ ]
  • Female [ ]

8) What do you feel is missing from the music industry today?


9) Do you think "Classical" music is slowly disappearing in the music industry today?
  • Yes [ ]
  • No [ ]
  • I don't know [ ]
Why? .........................................................................................

10) How many times a year do you roughly go to a live concert?
  • Once or twice [ ]
  • Often [ ]
  • Frequently [ ] 
  • Never [ ]

11) What song would you say best describes yourself and why?


12) Have you ever downloaded music illegally  (this is an anonymous survey)
  • Yes [ ]
  • No [ ]

13) Do you own any band merchandise?
  • Yes [ ]
  • No [ ]

14) If yes, tick the following you own
  • T-shirt [ ]
  • Poster [ ]
  • Wristbands [ ]
  • Autograph [ ]
  • None [ ]
If other please state ...............................................................

15) Do you believe that some genres of music can influence actions? e.g. Rap music.
  • Yes [ ]
  • No [ ]
  • Maybe [ ]
  • I don't know [ ]

16) Do you play any instruments?
  • Yes [ ]
  • No [ ]

17) If yes, please tick the following.
  • Violin [ ]
  • Piano [ ]
  • Guitar [ ]
  • Drums [ ]
  • None [ ]
If other please state ................................................................

18) Would you like to learn an instrument?
  • Yes [ ] 
  • No [ ]

19) If you could sing would you enter any competitions such as the X factor?
  • Yes [ ]
  • No [ ]
Why? ....................................................................................

20) If music never existed do you think it would have an effect on society worldwide?
  • Yes [ ]
  • No [ ]
Why? .....................................................................................

Homework on Sony pictures


1)      How is “Sony” a vertically integrated company?

“Sony” is classed as a vertically integrates company as it has improved its progress to produce, promote and distribute films. Sony’s development over the last three decades have increased the profits and range of Sony that they can now produce phones on which Sony movies can be watched, Sony websites can be accessed, Sony music can be listened to and Sony games can be played.
2)      How was the marketing release of “Spider-Man” an example of synergy?

The release of “Spider-Man” is an example of how Sony’s development has allowed them to use synergy to maximise profit.  Here Sony has achieved this by developing the strengths of their company. In the first ‘Spider-Man’ film, the soundtrack consisted of artists signed to Sony-Columbia, which would effectively promote the artists, the movie and, ultimately, increase revenue for Sony. The video for the theme song, by Chad Kroeger, featured scenes from the movie, thus promoting the movie as well. Also, the promotion and distribution of ‘Spider-Man’ could branch out into areas of new technology, such as Sony Pictures Digital, which oversees digital production and the creation of websites to promote films and other products giving ‘Spider-Man’ more promotion. Sony makes their own electrical equipment such as televisions, DVD players, video players and hi-fi systems. Therefore people can but their equipment, and play their products on them increasing profits for Sony.

3)      How was technological convergence used to promote “Monsters”?  You must include viral marketing.

“Monsters” was promoted through technological convergence by viral marketing. They created an online website where the audience could communicate with the different things on the page which would then make them more interested in the film as they would learn more about it and want to see it when it is released, giving them a sense of ownership. They also made online trailers which in promotion as they can give the audience a sneak peek at what to expect from the film. Viral marketing was also effective in promoting the film “2012”. Social networking sites such as Facebook helped promote the film with adverts on the side bar and links to the website. They also created a fun online interaction where filmgoers could register for a lottery number to be part of a small population that would be “rescued from the global destruction” this would excite the audience and make them feel more involved with the film.

Media Ownership

Discuss the issues raised by Media Ownership in the production and exchange of media texts in your chosen media area.

   There are key issues that are raised in the media industry. The UK is dominated by the Hollywood industry as they are more advanced with the use of synergy and convergence to produce and promote their products for example “Sony”. It is a vertically integrated company that has been successful in its productions and exchanges with other companies.
 They use synergy and convergence to help promote there products and because they are now merged with others such as Sony music, technicians it will cost less to pay other companies but gain more profits. This is difficult for the British Film Industry to do as they are on a much smaller scale compared to America and this is why they accept offers from vertically integrated companies who want to buy into their business so they are able to make some sort of profit.

Another issue that is raised through the media industry is illegal downloading. As more people now use the internet illegal downloading has become easier to grasp and cheaper all round for the viewer than it is to buy the DVD meaning that companies are losing money.

The release of spiderman is an example of how Sony's development has allowed them to use synergy to maximise profit.  Here Sony has achieved this by developing the strengths of their company. In the first ‘Spider-Man’ film, the soundtrack consisted of artists signed to Sony-Columbia, which would effectively promote the artists, the movie and, ultimately, increase revenue for Sony. The video for the theme song, by Chad Kroeger, featured scenes from the movie, thus promoting the movie as well. Also, the promotion and distribution of ‘Spider-Man’ could branch out into areas of new technology, such as Sony Pictures Digital, which oversees digital production and the creation of websites to promote films and other products giving ‘Spider-Man’ more promotion. Sony makes their own electrical equipment such as televisions, DVD players, video players and hi-fi systems. Therefore people can but their equipment, and play their products on them increasing profits for Sony.
The creation of DVD and Blu-ray means they are able to create the movie on DVD’s and Blu-ray discs which can allow the public to buy and watch them. This will create another profit for Sony, giving their company the funding to develop more.
 An example of this is “Slumdog Millionaire”. The funding was extremely difficult to gain so they had to integrate in order for the film to be a success and not go straight to DVD. Film 4 saw the possibilities of great success of the film. They purchased it and pitched the idea to writer Simon Beaufoy; he secured the funding as he has a successful track record in the film industry which meant it was easier to get more funding. Film four only had 11 staff and a budget of £10m; Tessa Ross had to find partners to help fund the film she promoted the film to the head of “Celador films” –Christian Coulson, an experienced producer.  Also, Celador International owned the rights to “ Who wants to be a millionaire” they added £8m including tax credit which also makes it to qualify as a British Film. Given a budget of £10m “Slumdog” has been a major commercial success. What makes “Slumdog Millionaire” unique is that it’s typical Danny Boyle style was influenced by several Indian film industry characteristics including Parallel Cinema and South Indian films as well as Bollywood.

In conclusion, The Hollywood industry dominates the film world because they have took advantage of the new technologies of the modern world today and used them to their advantage of promoting and distributing their products which the British industry lacks today.

Friday, 3 February 2012

First Project

For my first project I will producing a music magazine that will consist of

  • A front cover
  • A contents page
  • Double page spread
I will also need to consider in my magazine
  • House style i.e colours, fonts
  • suitable images
  • Target audience
To make my magazine look professional and exciting, I have looked at other magazines to inspire my designs such as "Q" and "billboard" which are both successful music magazines.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

analysis of school magazine (front cover and contents page)

Front cover of school magazine

For my Front Cover, I have maintained the school colour scheme using blue, yellow and also including colours such as pink and orange to make it more appealing. I have also included the school logo to make to magazine feel more personal to the school as well as creating a more professional feel. 

For my main image I have used a student and a teacher and I have used various effects such as contrasts and highlights to make the image more brighter and clearer. I have also cropped the photo onto the background of the school and blended them together so that it fits with the theme of the magazine again using shadows and highlights to make the image stand out from the background.

I have used various fonts and colours such as "impact" to make the main text strike out from the more smaller stories and by using yellow and a larger font it will stand out from the rest. I have also included the schools website address to make the magazine look more professional.

Contents page of school magazine

For my contents page I have used a long shot of two students walking away from the camera, this gives the image a sense of normality as though they are carrying on with their day. I have then bordered the contents to make the page look unusual and exciting. I have also used the font "impact" and the colour black to make the text stand out from the bright background.