Thursday, 28 February 2013

Location shots "church"

These are a few photos of the outside of the church which will be our first scene in the trailer to open up and show the audience where the actors are heading as we do a "swooping" down shot from the church onto the actors walking inside which i think is good because it shows our control of the camera and it is also an unsusual shot.


Location Shots "antique shop"

These are shots of the "antique shop"

we used this corner with lots of pink and girly stuff because the doll would fit in around the other props, also it is bright and colourful which could also be a reason why it attracted the girl (our character) to go over.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Back to school

Over the holidays we have been filming many scenes and new locations within Tynemouth. We have filmed the openening scenes of the trailer which take place in Tynemouth such as the antique shop, the church and along the coast of tynemouth. I believe this has given our project a boost because I can now begin to put every shot in order and begin to edit in detail.