Thursday, 18 October 2012

A2 horror trailer project - our main character

For our main actress we decided to use the young girl shown above who will be possessed by a demon. We think this is effective because she is small and vulnerable and her blue eyes and blonde hair has connotations of purity and innocence.
"Orphan" (2009) also uses a small child as the main character however they break conventions as she is not the victim but the murderer. She has ribbon in her hair and around her neck which has conventions of innocence and child-like which makes the audience assume she is "innocent".
In more modern horror films now, they are beginning to use little girls more often in their movies as it has more of an effect on the audience because they do not suspect a "little girl in white" to have any conventions of evil. In the film "the possession" (2012) The little girl is also the main character as she is possessed by a demon. We decided to base our costume designs and ideas from this as she wears white dresses, flowers and ribbons which emphasises her age and innocence.

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