Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Three Horror Trailer Analyses


The Possession begins with a typical family scene of a father picking up his two daughters while the music being played is a soft piano, making it difficult to know at first what the genre of the movie will be. For example, when the father and daughter are using shadow puppets and laughing which will make the audience believe that there is nothing wrong.

However, when the girl goes towards the box the music changes to that of a more deeper sound contrasting with the lighter piano sounds previously, giving connotations that there is something wrong with the box as the music becomes more tense. There is a non-diagetic voice over of her father saying "I think whoever made this didn't want anybody to open it" while she is trying to open the box which gives connotations of danger. When she opens the box the music disappears and the non-diagetic sounds of thunder and wind are quietly played, making the scene more tense and makes the audience on edge as they want to know what is inside the box. There is a long shot of the girl sitting upright in the bed with the box, everything else around her is black giving connotations of the unknown and the girl is a wearing a white gown, symbolizing her innocence. After she has opened the box there is a non-diagetic sound of whispers and noises, connoting that the box is eerie and dangerous.

By using the text "based on a true story" it will draw the audience in as they believe that the events are true and will want to go see the movie. Also, it makes the movie more scary as it is based on true events. As the pace of the shots begin to quicken so does the non-diagetic sound of the girl stabbing her fork on her plate, suggesting that something is going to happen which is when she then stabs the fork into her fathers hand and the music then increases in loudness as well as the thunder. The non-diagetic music of a choir singing suggests that there is religious theme to the movie.

The last scene of the trailer there is a non-diagetic voice of her mother saying "I saw something in her" while the girl is looking down her throat. There is a silent pause creating suspense until you see the fingers and the music returns to give the audience a shock

-The Possession Trailer

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