Thursday, 13 December 2012

Target Audience

The audience that would be my target for my horror trailer are teenagers and young adults between 15-30. This is because I believe that they are more likely to go and see a horror movie rather than the older generation. My age rating is 15 which widens the target for teenagers as they would go and see a horror movie with a group of friends.

Reflection of my blog so far

I have ganied feedback from viewers of my blog so far and asked them to give me feedback on what is good and what I can improve on. Many of my improvements are mainly revolved around the little posts I have on my blog which means I need to be more frequent in the future. I also use large spread entries which some people believe I could seperate into smaller entries for simplicity. They also state that I could use a wider range of entry styles such as "prezzi". Overall my blogs have a lot of detail and my picture quality is high, I just need to take in the feedback and perhaps use this to make my blog more appealing.