Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Homework on Sony pictures


1)      How is “Sony” a vertically integrated company?

“Sony” is classed as a vertically integrates company as it has improved its progress to produce, promote and distribute films. Sony’s development over the last three decades have increased the profits and range of Sony that they can now produce phones on which Sony movies can be watched, Sony websites can be accessed, Sony music can be listened to and Sony games can be played.
2)      How was the marketing release of “Spider-Man” an example of synergy?

The release of “Spider-Man” is an example of how Sony’s development has allowed them to use synergy to maximise profit.  Here Sony has achieved this by developing the strengths of their company. In the first ‘Spider-Man’ film, the soundtrack consisted of artists signed to Sony-Columbia, which would effectively promote the artists, the movie and, ultimately, increase revenue for Sony. The video for the theme song, by Chad Kroeger, featured scenes from the movie, thus promoting the movie as well. Also, the promotion and distribution of ‘Spider-Man’ could branch out into areas of new technology, such as Sony Pictures Digital, which oversees digital production and the creation of websites to promote films and other products giving ‘Spider-Man’ more promotion. Sony makes their own electrical equipment such as televisions, DVD players, video players and hi-fi systems. Therefore people can but their equipment, and play their products on them increasing profits for Sony.

3)      How was technological convergence used to promote “Monsters”?  You must include viral marketing.

“Monsters” was promoted through technological convergence by viral marketing. They created an online website where the audience could communicate with the different things on the page which would then make them more interested in the film as they would learn more about it and want to see it when it is released, giving them a sense of ownership. They also made online trailers which in promotion as they can give the audience a sneak peek at what to expect from the film. Viral marketing was also effective in promoting the film “2012”. Social networking sites such as Facebook helped promote the film with adverts on the side bar and links to the website. They also created a fun online interaction where filmgoers could register for a lottery number to be part of a small population that would be “rescued from the global destruction” this would excite the audience and make them feel more involved with the film.

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