Tuesday, 16 October 2012


1. Which brief are you pursuing?

The brief that we are pursuing is a horror trailer because it is challenging and there are many techniques that you can learn by doing this genre of a trailer.

2. Identify if this is an individual or group project.

It will be a group project and everyone will have their own role to play so that everyone has contributed to the project

3. List roles and responsibilities if you are working in a group?

There are three people in our group, I will be doing the post-production and editing, Shannon will be filming the trailer and rachel will be doing the mise-en-scene such as locations and costumes aswell as performing in the trailer.

4. Write a brief summary of your CONCEPT for the main task.

The plot of the trailer is about a young girl who is possessed by a demon through a doll she has found in a carboot sale which did not belong to anybody. The doll then bigins to talk to the girl and takes control over her body whilst her mother and sister are trying to save her.

5. List any ideas for LOCATIONS. (Mise en scene)

We have concluded many locations for our trailer such as:

  • Field (for the carboot sale to be placed)

  • little girls room

  • kitchen

  • library

  •  narrow street

We have used these locations because we want it to take place inside a home where you would think you would be safe  however the demon lives there

6. List any ideas for COSTUME and PROPS (Mise en scene)

  • Doll (maybe a china or porcelain doll)

For the girl we have decided to oufit her in:

  • White party dress (purity and innocence)

  • frilly socks

  • ribbons

7. Outline your ideas for each ancilliary task:

For my horror poster I intend to use the young girl as the main image in long shot sitting down with the doll, she will be wearing a white gown and only the slightest shine of light will show her as the rest of the poster will be black so all you can see is her.

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