Tuesday, 27 November 2012

 I have used social networking websites to help gain publicity by posting the link to my Media Studies blog on "Twitter" which will encourage people to follow it and view the work I have done so far.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012




We have now began to upload our bedroom scene shots so that we can put them together and start creating our horror trailer. On friday we will be shooting more scenes and we are planning a date of when we will begin the scenes at the beach location where the church is and the opening scenes.

This is the church where the girl (Lilly) and her sister (rachel) will discover the doll. I believe it fits well with horror conventions because it is old and stands out from the rest of the buildings. It creates almost a shadow over the village and by taking low angle shots of the church it will make it look overwhelming and powerful.



We began filming the bedroom scenes and also some of the possession scenes which are all shot in the same location. This makes it easier as we can get all of those scenes out of the way before we move on to our next location and shots.

  These are pictures of the bedroom and our Possessed doll. I believe that this doll is suitable because it has an antique feel to it and she has pale skin and red hair which makes her look "innocent" to the audience. We accidently dropped the doll and her leg cracked however we thought this helped us because it gave her a more antique appearence! The bedroom amphasises the girls age and how innocent and childish she is which I believe is effective because the audience will not expect it to hold an evil presence.

Analysing Horror Posters

Analysing Horror PostersENLARGE TO VIEW FULL SLIDE.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Six Week Plan

Six Week Plan
Week 1:
  • Finalise filming locations, angles, shot plans.
  • Organise props and costumes that we will need for filming.
  • Finalise that planning is complete (trailer analysis, research)
Week 2:
  • Begin filming (7 hours per week)
  • Organise which shots to do, easy to start.
  • Organise what shot types we will use.

Week 3:
  • Continue filming (7 hours per week)
  • Start to consider which shots we can begin editing.
Week 4:
  • Continue with filming (5-6 hours per week) (start to focus on editing)
  • Make sure that we are on target ( we should be roughly half way through filming and editing within this time)
Week 5:
  • Continue filming the remaining scenes ( 5-6 hours per week)
  • Look through editing to make sure that we are all happy with the shot incase anything needs to be changed or re-shot.
Week 6:
  • Focus on editing, making sure that every shot is of high standard.
  • Finalises the edititing and any few remaining shots.
  • Start preparing for post-production.

Ideas for horror trailer