Wednesday, 18 January 2012

analysis of school magazine (front cover and contents page)

Front cover of school magazine

For my Front Cover, I have maintained the school colour scheme using blue, yellow and also including colours such as pink and orange to make it more appealing. I have also included the school logo to make to magazine feel more personal to the school as well as creating a more professional feel. 

For my main image I have used a student and a teacher and I have used various effects such as contrasts and highlights to make the image more brighter and clearer. I have also cropped the photo onto the background of the school and blended them together so that it fits with the theme of the magazine again using shadows and highlights to make the image stand out from the background.

I have used various fonts and colours such as "impact" to make the main text strike out from the more smaller stories and by using yellow and a larger font it will stand out from the rest. I have also included the schools website address to make the magazine look more professional.

Contents page of school magazine

For my contents page I have used a long shot of two students walking away from the camera, this gives the image a sense of normality as though they are carrying on with their day. I have then bordered the contents to make the page look unusual and exciting. I have also used the font "impact" and the colour black to make the text stand out from the bright background.