Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Media Ownership

Discuss the issues raised by Media Ownership in the production and exchange of media texts in your chosen media area.

   There are key issues that are raised in the media industry. The UK is dominated by the Hollywood industry as they are more advanced with the use of synergy and convergence to produce and promote their products for example “Sony”. It is a vertically integrated company that has been successful in its productions and exchanges with other companies.
 They use synergy and convergence to help promote there products and because they are now merged with others such as Sony music, technicians it will cost less to pay other companies but gain more profits. This is difficult for the British Film Industry to do as they are on a much smaller scale compared to America and this is why they accept offers from vertically integrated companies who want to buy into their business so they are able to make some sort of profit.

Another issue that is raised through the media industry is illegal downloading. As more people now use the internet illegal downloading has become easier to grasp and cheaper all round for the viewer than it is to buy the DVD meaning that companies are losing money.

The release of spiderman is an example of how Sony's development has allowed them to use synergy to maximise profit.  Here Sony has achieved this by developing the strengths of their company. In the first ‘Spider-Man’ film, the soundtrack consisted of artists signed to Sony-Columbia, which would effectively promote the artists, the movie and, ultimately, increase revenue for Sony. The video for the theme song, by Chad Kroeger, featured scenes from the movie, thus promoting the movie as well. Also, the promotion and distribution of ‘Spider-Man’ could branch out into areas of new technology, such as Sony Pictures Digital, which oversees digital production and the creation of websites to promote films and other products giving ‘Spider-Man’ more promotion. Sony makes their own electrical equipment such as televisions, DVD players, video players and hi-fi systems. Therefore people can but their equipment, and play their products on them increasing profits for Sony.
The creation of DVD and Blu-ray means they are able to create the movie on DVD’s and Blu-ray discs which can allow the public to buy and watch them. This will create another profit for Sony, giving their company the funding to develop more.
 An example of this is “Slumdog Millionaire”. The funding was extremely difficult to gain so they had to integrate in order for the film to be a success and not go straight to DVD. Film 4 saw the possibilities of great success of the film. They purchased it and pitched the idea to writer Simon Beaufoy; he secured the funding as he has a successful track record in the film industry which meant it was easier to get more funding. Film four only had 11 staff and a budget of £10m; Tessa Ross had to find partners to help fund the film she promoted the film to the head of “Celador films” –Christian Coulson, an experienced producer.  Also, Celador International owned the rights to “ Who wants to be a millionaire” they added £8m including tax credit which also makes it to qualify as a British Film. Given a budget of £10m “Slumdog” has been a major commercial success. What makes “Slumdog Millionaire” unique is that it’s typical Danny Boyle style was influenced by several Indian film industry characteristics including Parallel Cinema and South Indian films as well as Bollywood.

In conclusion, The Hollywood industry dominates the film world because they have took advantage of the new technologies of the modern world today and used them to their advantage of promoting and distributing their products which the British industry lacks today.

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